PCS Scraps Rekor in Favor of PlateSmart ALPR Solutions

PCS Scraps Rekor in Favor of PlateSmart ALPR Solutions

Plate Capture Solutions, Inc. (PCS), a Pennsylvania-based security system integrator, announced today it has scrapped its automatic license plate recognition solution (ALPR) from Rekor Systems in favor of the AI-powered ALPR/vehicle recognition solution supplied by PlateSmart Technologies. This move affects the ALPR solutions used by 100+ law enforcement agencies and nearly 600 LPR cameras across Western Pennsylvania. The PlateSmart ARES® vehicle recognition system will initially read more than 25 million plates per week and offers room to grow as needs change.

“We turned to PlateSmart in order to better serve our law enforcement clients, and they’ve been able to do what other providers could not — provide a stable, robust ALPR platform and, most importantly, outstanding support during installation and commissioning,” said John Hudson, president, PCS. “It is the right choice for PCS and its clients. Law enforcement agencies deserve the best solutions available, and when I learned that PlateSmart was founded specifically to keep law enforcement officers safe, I knew I had to at least talk with them.”

Hudson is no stranger to security and law enforcement. The former U.S. Secret Service agent, who served during the George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, is a well-known security consultant in Western Pa. He conducted security assessments following the 2012 shooting at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in Pittsburgh. He also consulted with the local district attorney’s office after the 2016 stabbing incident at Turtle Creek Valley Mental Health.

PlateSmart pioneered a software-only approach to ALPR and was the first company on the market to do so. It also features an AI and deep learning approach to vehicle recognition. That coupled with the fact that PlateSmart is also the sole-source provider of ALPR technology to a federal law enforcement agency led to a trial that ultimately convinced Hudson of the superiority of PlateSmart’s solution.

Dan Hinkelman, chief technology officer, PCS, has over two decades of experience working with law enforcement in both communications and video surveillance technology. He was impressed with PlateSmart’s speed and accuracy compared to that provided by the competition.

“Things we never thought possible are now being done since we upgraded to PlateSmart,” he said. “Imagine being able to search through 150 million plate reads for a red Toyota that has a plate ending in ‘43.’ With other systems it can take six or seven minutes to perform that search. With PlateSmart, it is literally instantaneous. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

“In the final analysis, PlateSmart is simply better,” Hudson said. “It’s a better solution with better pricing and significantly better customer service. We look forward to using this deployment as a jumping-off point for conducting more business with PlateSmart throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.”

About Plate Capture Solutions

Plate Capture Solutions, Inc. (PCS) is an established Pittsburgh-based software licensing company specializing in license plate recognition (LPR) technology since 2016. PCS works closely with video surveillance camera integrators in achieving the highest practical accuracy for license plate reads by using a multitude of commercial off-the-shelf video surveillance cameras and LPR software. The company currently boasts the largest concentrated deployment of LPR cameras throughout Western Pennsylvania — over 600 — which capture nearly 25 million plate reads weekly.

PCS serves nearly 100 local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies encompassing over 1000 law enforcement officials with the most reliable LPR software technology.

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Published at Fri, 05 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0000