is eager to announce the launch of its newest… is eager to announce the launch of its newest…

How to start a successful security guard company free eBook PDF download

How to start a successful security guard company

“There are hundreds of questions that I get from people who are looking to start a security guard company. We found there are very few places that security professionals can go to get them answered,” says Courtney Sparkman, owner of is eager to announce the launch of its newest eBook: How To Start A Successful Security Guard Company.

Our book covers everything from strategies to name your security guard company through hiring security guards for your first contract. You will also learn the importance of accurate security guard contract billing rates and be introduced to the only online pricing tool built specifically for security guard companies. Our guide will help answer those burning questions without the $400/hour consultant price tag.

While is a leading provider of security guard company software, prior to, Sparkman started a security guard company that flourished to over 200+ officers. Sparkman also worked for one of the top 20 security guard companies in the country. With his nearly 20 years in the security guard industry, he’s learned two things:

1) it’s not easy starting or managing a security guard company, and

2) there are not enough resources out there for security guard company startups.

Download our free eBook today to ensure your new security guard business is a success.

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We build user-friendly security guard applications and tools that are easy-to-setup and implement in the real-world. Unlike other companies that build complex systems that require hours or even weeks of training for security company owners, supervisors, and security officers, is designed to be used by even the most technology-challenged security professionals.

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