How Fast Guard Service Is Saving Companies Millions Of Dollars

How Fast Guard Service Is Saving Companies Millions Of Dollars

Fast Guard Service

Fast Guard Service

Fast Guard Service is a fully regulated, insured, and licensed company who deal with all aspects of commercial security.

Businesses have an obligation to ensure customer safety is adequately serviced whilst on their premises. Should a crime occur and the company is proven to have been negligent in their responsibility, legal payouts often stretch into millions of dollars. Many companies fall foul of such litigation because of the use of outdated security processes that haven’t been updated to take into account increased levels of crime in their area.

Fast Guard Service is helping enterprises re-assess their obligations and put in place robust security measures, such as security guards and CCTV camera installation, to provide a safe client environment. This dramatically reduces the odds of judicial proceedings and also has other positive repercussions, including increased marketability and lower insurance rates.

Liability For Damages

Judges often rule in favor of victims seeking reparations against companies failing to provide elevated security measures when there has been a known increase in crime in the area and for not having 24/7 on-site security. Apartment complexes, shopping malls, clubs, sports stadiums, parking garages, and many other companies can all be held liable if an incident occurs on their premises and no proper security measures were in place to protect visitors from harm. This is why every company located in moderate-high crime areas should take the proper measures to secure their property and prevent incidents that could result in the payout of millions of dollars, should they occur.

Security Services Save Money And Lives

Many business owners are blissfully unaware of their accountability should a crime occur on their premises. Far too often there’s no security present, or in the case of security cameras, they either don’t work or aren’t adequately monitored. Very importantly, if crime statistics are on the rise, or if the police have increased their presence as a crime deterrent yet a company has failed to raise their security to match, this can lead to increased fiduciary responsibility.

Therefore it’s essential that business owners and managers engage a professional service to carry out an effective security assessment and put in place the security necessary. Savvy companies take advantage of a business security service that will assist with putting proactive measures in place, therefore effectively decreasing the likelihood of such incidents occurring. Deterrents such as on-site security guards, 24/7 monitored CCTV, security gates and the like provide a safe environment for clients and actively deter criminals.

Fast Guard Service is a global leader in such security. Entrusted by some of the biggest business names in the US and worldwide, their experienced team works with companies to assess their situation and put in place the most effective security solutions.

Security in the 21st century isn’t solely about preventing crime, it’s also about ensuring clients trust their safety is well looked after and the positive repercussions this brings, such as lower insurance premiums and increased marketability. In addition, should the worst happen, lawsuit verdicts are far more likely to be found in a company’s favor if it can be shown that staunch security measures are in place. Fast Guard Service is a fully regulated, insured, and licensed company who deal with all aspects of commercial security. More information can be found at

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Published at Fri, 01 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0000