Cybereason Announces a New Season of the Award-Winning ‘Malicious…

Cybereason Announces a New Season of the Award-Winning ‘Malicious…

Cybereason, creators of the leading Cyber Defense Platform, today announced that a new season of ‘Malicious Life’ is slated to start Thursday, August 29. The ‘Best of Black Hat’ series features a first episode titled ‘Kinetic Response to Cyber Attacks’ featuring host, Ran Levi and acclaimed security researcher, Mikko Hypponen. Additional upcoming episodes focus on a number of topics from cyberstalking to postmortem insights about legendary attacks.

Malicious Life, launched in 2017, tells the unknown and forgotten tales of the pioneers of the cybersecurity industry, and the criminals that shaped it in its earliest days — from the very first virus, to the ransomware attacks of 2017. Ran Levi hosts the podcast and interviews both former hackers and security experts, investigating and telling their stories, as well as many epic cybersecurity events and breaches.

“With our ‘Kinetic Response to Cyber Attacks’ episode, I’m excited to launch our special ‘Best of Black Hat’ series, which I hope will expose the listeners to the most interesting and cutting-edge topics and technologies presented at Black Hat 2019,” said Levi. “In addition, ‘Operation Aurora,’ our special two-part series, brings to life the massive cyberattacks in 2009 against companies such as Adobe, Google, Morgan Stanley, Dow Chemical and Yahoo and the industry fall out that resulted.”

The lineup of upcoming ‘Malicious Life’ episodes:

Thursday, August 29: Kinetic Response To Cyber Attacks

Acclaimed security researcher, Mikko Hypponen, and Professor Issac Ben Israel (Ret. General, Founder of the Israeli Army Cyber Command) join Ran Levi on this episode. Launching missile strikes in response to cyber attacks is a tempting option for some countries but one that comes with its own set of moral and practical problems. Are civilian developers and researchers a valid target for military operations? Should a strike based on the wrong attribution of a cyber attack be considered a war crime?

Thursday, September 12: Operation Aurora – Part I

Thursday, September 26: Operation Aurora – Part II

Over two episodes, Ran Levi explores the series of massive global attacks in 2009 by APT groups affiliated with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army against western companies such as Google, Adobe, Rackspace and many others.

Thursday, October 10: Cyber Stalking – Featuring Lodrina Cherne (Cybereason, Forensic Expert). Joining Ran Levi will be Cybereason’s Lodrina Cherne, a nationally recognized forensics expert and SANS Institute instructor. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and cyberstalking is a serious crime. Cherne has been involved in investigating many high profile cyber stalking cases during the course of her career.

Thursday, October 24: Detecting Deep Fakes

Joining Ran Levi will be George Williams, a director at data science, and Jonathan Saunders and Alex Comerford from the University of Oregon. Deep fakes are rapidly becoming better at fooling humans and can obviously be used in future social media and psychological warfare campaigns. Levi will explore the technology behind the Deep fake generation and various novel techniques for its detection.

Thursday, November 7: The Rise of Cyber Insurance

For many years, cyber insurance was viewed with suspicion and even contempt by cybersecurity professionals. Joining Ran Levi to discuss how the cyber insurance industry has matured is XXX. They will discuss the value of insurance products for businesses being inundated by ransomware attacks and data breaches.

Thursday, November Nov. 21st: Human Side Channels

Ran Levi and special guest Matt Wixey, PwC’s research lead, discuss whether ‘digital’ human side channels – such as typing speed, BASH command operators and even cultural references – in code be used to detect malicious hackers?

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