APHL’s National COVID Exposure Notification System to be Anchored by PoKos ENT™

APHL’s National COVID Exposure Notification System to be Anchored by PoKos ENT™

Bozeman, MT, July 20, 2020 –(PR.com)– PoKos Communications Corp announced today that the new national system for combating the spread of the novel coronavirus will be anchored by PoKos’ exposure notification technology ( ENT™ ).

The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) reported on its blog today that, working in conjunction with Apple, Google and Microsoft, it is taking a major step to support public health agencies that want to provide exposure notifications using the Apple | Google application protocol interface (the “A/G API”). The A/G API enables public health authorities to develop exposure notification systems (“ENS”) that use PoKos ENT to notify users of Android and iOS phones when they have been exposed to others who have or might have the coronavirus.

Using PoKos ENT, the A/G ENS creates privacy-preserving randomly generated numbers also known as keys, which in turn generate temporary IDs that are transmitted between devices using Bluetooth Low Energy signals. The APHL’s presence on the project gives the US public health community a capable and accountable partner for securely hosting these keys on national servers, thereby eliminating duplication and enable notifications across state borders. This will allow users to continually benefit from exposure notifications as they travel across state lines, and help state and territorial agencies deploy their apps quickly.

PoKos’ ENT feature set is powered by the Company’s patented sixth-sense technology (SST), which enables users to communicate anonymously with devices nearby. The ENT/SST technology suite is thus well-suited to enable users to maintain their privacy, enhance their health and safety, and assist public health authorities prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

PoKos has a patent pending for its exposure notification technology that is foundational for APIs and other mobile software tools designed to help public health authorities combat the novel coronavirus and other highly contagious diseases. “Digital contact tracing and movement tracking will only be helpful and effective,” Platt says, “if large numbers of users opt-in because their privacy is assured. The APHL’s commitment to host the key servers for the A/G ENS is critical to effective, efficient and private contact tracing and exposure notification.”

About PoKos– The PoKos technology suite provides new methods and systems for users to maintain their privacy while taking advantage of network capabilities to discover, communicate and share with marketers, networks and other people around them – both nearby and around the globe. PoKos is based
in Bozeman, MT USA.

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Published at Mon, 20 Jul 2020 07:00:00 +0000